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I'm now in the best shape of my life and I couldn't have done it without him

5 out of 5  

Approaching a milestone birthday I decided I wanted to overhaul my body and embark on a weight loss and fitness programme and didn't really know where to start!

I knew that I needs to get fitter and tone up but hadn't stepped inside a gym since before I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 14! Not having a clue where to start or what to do I decided that the logical step was to hire a personal trainer to help me hit my goals. I decided upon Paul as he had experience in post natal fitness which made me think he would be more in tune with achieving results with women as he had a more in depth knowledge.

Paul put me at ease from the initial meeting - he was friendly approachable and professional as well as knowledgeable. It was very apparent that personal training was not just a job to him it was his passion - he was genuinely keen to help me reach my goals.

The first session I had I was so unfit I almost fell off the treadmill but what a difference 9 months makes!

Under Pauls excellent supervision I have gone from couch potato to completing my first ever 10k and have now even booked to do the half Marathon in September - without Pauls guidance, commitment and enthusiasm this would not have been possible - not only has he transformed my body but my whole way of thinking and approach to diet and fitness - he practice what he preaches and most importantly he listens to what his clients want. He doesn't do the 'one package suits all' attitude which is all too common with some Personal Trainers - he creates the programme to get you the results you want - yes he pushes you to your limits, but he does it with a smile ! Constantly encouraging and making you believe anything is possible. I'm now in the best shape of my life and I couldn't have done it without him - if you are serious about getting fit and transforming your body - Paul is the chap to see

I needed a Personal Trainer

5 out of 5  

Shortly after joining My local gym I realised I was only going to Spin classes and not maximising my time in the gym, at this point I decided to take Paul up on his free taster session. After just 30 minutes of my Personal training taster, I realised I needed a Personal Trainer as just going to a couple of Spin classes a week wasn't enough to get fit.

Paul has changed my attitude towards the Gym, I now have Personal Training Twice a week and go to classes such as Grit and Circuits, Paul has encouraged me to go to different classes that will benefit me and get me closer to my goals.

Every Personal Training session with Paul is enjoyable and he constantly pushes me to lift more weight or do more sets. With each session you notice the progress as Paul is tracking your progress and we try and get a Personal Best in every session.

When I injured my arm Paul adjusted my training to accommodate the injury and to gradually build the strength backup.

After 1 year of Personal training I have lost over 6 inches from my waist and have lost 3 and a half stone of fat. Paul has helped me every step of the way with nutritional advice and training. I honestly don't think I would of achieved the weight loss and fitness gains without him.

He is a fantastic Personal trainer

5 out of 5  

I started working with Paul after I was advised to start back exercising by my GP after I had recently been diagnosed with hyperflex mobility. When we first spoke I think I scared Paul alittle as I was so protective of my bodies limits I told him all the exercises I couldn't do which left him little to work with. However he started my routines small and gradually week by week Paul pushed me a little further and further, strengthening muscle by muscle. By the time I had had maybe 3 or 4 sessions with Paul I was off some of the machines and attempting weights and exercises unsupported and this progress continues. Poor Paul then had to deal with another health set back from me when I was diagnosed with CFS, at each step he adapted my routines around my health yet they pushed me to challenge my own limits safety and comfortably. Since working with Paul my overall fitness levels have gone up and my muscles strengthened which has reduced my pain levels considerably I can now walk, run and stand pain free thanks to Paul. He is a fantastic trainer and makes every session different and fun! I can't wait to see what he has in store for me next! :)

Working with a Personal Trainer has boosted my confidence

5 out of 5  

I have been working with Paul Shaw for nearly 5 months after I had struggled to break the habit of ‘being lazy’ and needed some extra motivation to get back in shape and lose weight. Working with a Personal Trainer has boosted my confidence in coming back to the gym, pushed my limits and encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone. Having lost 10% body fat and over 10 cms so far the results are proving that Paul Shaw knows his stuff. Trust that Paul can push you further than you would go on your own, you will hurt the next day but you will keep coming back! I would recommend Paul Shaw to anyone looking to get in shape or lose some body fat!

Lose fat and increase lean muscle

5 out of 5  

If you want to boost your energy, lose fat and increase lean muscle, whilst gaining vital expertise from a knowledgeable PT such as Paul Shaw, then this journey is worth embarking upon. The results speak for themselves as I have found.

Thank you for the encouragement and sound advice

5 out of 5  

Thank you for the encouragement and sound advice, particularly with regards to nutrition. Also for being always available through email when I had a couple of questions between the weekly sessions.

My Personal training sessions with Paul are enjoyable and challenging

5 out of 5  

I have been training with Paul Shaw for 6 months, and in that time I have lost weight and improved my overall health and fitness. Paul is an excellent trainer. My Personal training sessions with Paul are enjoyable and challenging. Paul is very knowledgeable about health and fitness. He is also patient, enthusiastic and supportive. Paul gives me the encouragement and help to progress from one level of fitness to the next.

He is 100% committed to each and every client 100% of the time

5 out of 5  

In just 4 short months since my induction with Paul I have lost 26lbs in weight & become so much more healthier without dieting. I know what I should & shouldn’t eat, know how to manage my training if I’ve had a bad day and I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time. Paul is an excellent Personal trainer but he’s much more than that, he’s a friend. Always at the end of the phone or available in the gym to answer questions, help motivate or just to have a quick chat with. He gets to know his clients personally and gives the very best motivation and help tailored specifically for your needs. He is 100% committed to each and every client 100% of the time.

In only eight weeks I have stripped away fat and increased muscle definition

5 out of 5  

I rang Paul and asked about training and he explained a few things to me and he asked in return what I was trying to achieve, really friendly and easy to talk to we arranged a few sessions to try it out, I can say in all honesty that although it is a lot of hard work doing these sessions, it has certainly paid off for me and in only eight weeks I have stripped away fat and increased muscle definition. My fitness and stamina levels have also risen , so much now that I have gained the confidence to start entering organised races of distances up to a half marathon.

Not only have we both lost over a stone in weight but have dropped dress sizes too

5 out of 5  

Once joining the Gym, Paul Shaw did our inductions and offered a free half hour personal training session with him to see if we’d be interested in having Personal training sessions at a very reasonable cost. We decided to take him up and booked 10 sessions, oh boy we have never looked back since. Not only have we both lost over a stone in weight but have dropped dress sizes too. Paul is a fantastic Personal trainer and nothing is too much trouble for him, whether it is diet, old injuries and just a kick up the bum.

I am the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been

5 out of 5  

I started working with Paul to improve my strength to get faster at running events. I have never particularly enjoyed using weights but that all changed thanks to Paul’s sessions being motivating, challenging and also importantly they were different each time. I now have a much greater confidence with weights and strength training and I have got much stronger after only 5 weeks of sessions. With each session being personalised to my goals along with knowledgeable diet advice, my race times have got much quicker and I have noticed a transformation in my overall fitness and endurance that I never would have achieved on my own without Paul’s enthusiasm and motivation to keep me going. His sessions require a lot hard work but at the moment I am the strongest and fittest I’ve ever been!

Sessions are well structured, varied, challenging, progressive and enjoyable

5 out of 5  

I chose Paul as my PT after attending some of his classes at the Gym and have been training with him for almost 12 months now. Since sustaining a ruptured ACL a couple of years ago I have always been aware of the things I can do, and feared everything else. Within a few weeks Paul started to smash many of those fears not only through the training programme itself , but also with his encouragement and friendly manner. Sessions are well structured, varied, challenging, progressive and enjoyable. This perfect mix has made me stronger and fitter than ever. Paul is knowledgeable, motivating, friendly and a brilliant PT. Let's just say that during the sessions I don't always like him, but I love him for what he has helped me to achieve. Today I signed up for my 1st half marathon - something that has been on my radar for a long time but thanks to Paul I'm now ready to give it a go. Thanks Paul!

Thank You

A huge thank you to my clients for taking the time to share their thoughts about me and my Personal Training style.