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Multivitamin Tablets

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Multivitamin Tablets

February 2020

Your body needs vitamins and nutrients to function properly. However sometimes we don’t get enough of the vitamins we need from our diet and the environment, so we need to take supplements to ensure we have the right amounts of each vitamin. Lack of certain vitamins can cause fatigue, lower immunity, and plenty of other health issues.

Multivitamins are a combination of different vitamins that are normally found in food sources. If you aren’t getting the right amount of vitamins from your diet and the environment, taking a multivitamin can have multiple benefits:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved mood
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved short term memory
  • Maintained muscle strength

You can get a generic multivitamin, or specially formulated multivitamins for a specific health need, for example hair, skin and nails, or joint health. Multivitamins are inexpensive and are a convenient way to ensure you’re getting the right amount of vitamins that your body needs. While they should not replace a balanced diet and eating high protein, fruits, vegetables, and omega 3 sources such as fish, a varied diet that can provide all the vitamins and minerals your body needs may not always be achievable due to a busy lifestyle, therefore they are a good option just to top up and boost your vitamin levels.