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Working Out at Home

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Working Out at Home

September 2018

We understand there can be barriers that get in your way when it comes to getting to the gym or hiring a personal trainer. However these barriers can be overcome and don’t have to prevent you from getting a workout in. You can work out right in your own home! 

If finance is a barrier, no worries, working out at home is completely free. You don’t need anything but a bit of space. You can buy bits of equipment such as a mat, small dumbbells or a skipping rope for a few pounds, however these aren't essential and you can use everyday household items instead that work just as well. To replace dumbbells, you can use cans of beans, bags of sugar or bottles of water. You can use your stairs as a bench for step ups, tricep dips or incline press-ups. Use your couch as a guide to squat. 

If you do want to invest in a piece of equipment, a resistance band is a great choice. They are low cost and can be used to add extra resistance to most exercises to increase the difficulty and make you feel the burn.

Short on time? Home workouts are perfect! No travel time to and from the gym, and you can even find a quick Youtube video or Instagram circuit to follow so you don't have to take the time to plan your workout. A quick 20 minute HIIT circuit is perfect to get your heart pumping and working hard in a short space of time. Alternatively, you could try an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) - for example pick 4 of your favourite exercises for say 10 reps. Complete 10 reps of each exercise and then start again from the first until your time is up. This is a great versatile way to train as you can adjust the time limit you have based on how much time you have to spare that day.

There are countless benefits to working out at home: you can wear what you want - you don't have to match your leggings to your sports bra and worry about matching socks; you could even work out in your pyjamas if you wanted to! You don't have to fiddle about with your head phone wires - you can have music blasting from the radio as loud as you want (although do consider your neighbours!). You can get creative and try new things without worrying about people watching. You can dance around if you’re feeling the music and no one will look at you strangely. And best of all, you have your own personal shower ready and waiting for you the minute you finish your workout.