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Sugar V Fat

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Sugar V Fat

September 2019

Welcome back to the action! Today we’re bringing you another live battle - in the red corner this time we have Sugar, and the challenger today, over in the blue corner we have Fat! Place your bets, sit back….and get ready to enjoy!

Ding! Round One.

Sugar is the first out the corner and is straight in with a nice little jab combo. Fat makes you fat! It contributes to heart disease, diabetes and obesity! Fat takes the hit and then fires back: it wants to put the record straight - fat isn't bad for you! You need fat in order to function! You should not cut fat out of your diet completely, although of course very high levels of fat in your diet aren’t great. 

“It’s true: you do need fat to function! Cell walls made from high quality fats metabolise insulin better, and help regulate your blood sugar levels. On the other hand, sugar increases your levels of blood glucose. Fat is the winner of this round!”

Ding! Round Two.

Bang. A hard punch lands on Sugar. Fat exclaims that excessive sugar consumption can cause weight gain and high insulin levels, which can lead to diabetes, and increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. A swift left hook, bang. Fat also states that sugar can lead to tooth decay, weakened immunity and various other conditions. Fat takes the chance when he sees it and throws another hit at the flailing Sugar. Other than calories used for energy, sugar provides no nutritional value. Ouch. Referee?

“Again I think this round is going to have to go to Fat! Sugar is a quick energy source, but other than that it provides no nutritional value. There’s also an array of negative side effects to sugar that outweigh the energy boost it provides. On the other hand, fats are nutrients that supply energy to your body, but unlike Sugar, Fat also has other benefits. Fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin D depend on fat in order to be absorbed and transported around the body.”

Ding! Round Three.

We’re into the final round here at Sugar v Fat! Fat has so far taken the lead and Sugar seems to be struggling! Let’s see if Fat can get it in the bag, or if Sugar has any surprises up its sleeve…

Oh! Sugar is the first to go in this final round. But is it too late for a comeback? Bang. A swift jab and an uppercut, Sugar states that there are different types of fats and they aren’t all as good or as bad as each other. This can be confusing for your average joe. Fat hits back and counters that simple research can provide guidance on which fats are beneficial and which fats may be more disadvantageous to your health.

Sugar doesn't take this lightly though and hits back again. Studies have shown that the glycolic acid in sugar can be helpful in maintaining the health of your skin - it can help eliminate blemishes and restore the balance of the skin’s oils. Fat laughs and the referee decides to break it up.

“Sugar doesn't really have many benefits other than the quick energy burst it provides, however it is true glycolic acid can help with the appearance of your skin — this is a common ingredient in many skin care products. Furthermore, while it is true there are different types of fat, basic research will provide you with any further information you need about the different types; which are good - fats such as Omega 3 - and which are bad - like trans fats.

Now its over to you, our judges, to choose the overall winner. Who is your winner - Fat or Sugar?”