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Running Outside VS Running on a Treadmill

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Running Outside VS Running on a Treadmill

February 2019

Welcome back to the action! Today’s fight is all about Running! Bringing you all the action LIVE as it comes to us, in the red corner we have Running Outside, and the challenger today - in the blue corner we have Running On A Treadmill. Last chance to place your bets….

Ding! Round One.

Outside and Treadmill are both up on their toes and it starts off a pretty even fight. Treadmill throws a punch and says that it’s easier running on a treadmill as you have a constant flat surface with the belt always moving underneath you. However Outside swiftly blocks the punch and goes in with a left hook, saying that running on a treadmill is boring and monotonous, and it’s much more entertaining and effective to run outdoors. Treadmill steps out the path of the punch and counters back with a speedy hit, stating that you can adjust the incline and speed on a treadmill to suit your needs and how you’re feeling throughout to add variety to your run. The referee gets in the middle as the bell rings signifying the end of the round.

“It can largely depend on personal preference on whether you prefer to run outdoors or on a treadmill. Some people find that when running on a treadmill, 2k can feel like 6k because it’s so monotonous, whereas running outdoors can feel the opposite as you have variety all around you. Furthermore, research has shown that although running outside can be more challenging due to the different terrains and the wind resistance, you can replicate this on a treadmill by increasing the incline to at least 1%.”

Ding! Round Two.

Treadmill is in with the first hit - whatever the weather you can always run on a treadmill! Outside dodges and misses the full impact of the hit, however the punch still lands. It counters with a burst of quick jabs and states that you can also run outdoors in any weather. Treadmill blocks each hit and laughs, throwing two hard punches - “High temperatures? Snow and ice?” Oof. The punches land bang on target and Outside staggers backwards. The referee breaks it up.

“Again, this is down to the individual runner. Some may be able to run outdoors in high temperatures whereas others may prefer a colder, wetter day. Of course there are situations where running outdoors would be dangerous, such as in freezing, icy conditions. Running on a treadmill can be done in any weather conditions as it won’t be affected.”

Ding! Round Three.

Outside starts off strong this time, presumably wanting to make up for the end of the last round. It lunges forward towards Treadmill and throws a punch. You can’t get much more realistic than Running Outside when training for outdoor events such as 5k’s or marathons. Treadmill takes the hit but fights back - you can adjust the speed and incline on a treadmill to simulate the different environments you would encounter during the 5k or marathon, for example, increase the incline for any hills you would have to conquer. It throws another punch. When marathon training on a treadmill, you can also practice refuelling without stopping, without having to carry your water or gel packs with you as you wouldn’t during the actual marathon, whereas when outside, you’d have to carry all of these with you.

“Running Outside when training for outdoor events is much more realistic and effective, not only because of the similar conditions, but because running on a treadmill can deter your internal effort and pacing instincts. Running outdoors, you have complete freedom to rely on your instincts and how you’re feeling to pace your run without having to think about manually adjusting the treadmill or waiting for it to adjust if you’re using a built in setting. However Treadmill makes a valid point in that you would have to carry your water and gels when outdoors so it is not as convenient or may even not be logistically possible.

Now it’s over to you, our judges, to decide the overall winner. Who wins - Running Outside or Running On A Treadmill?”