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Private Fitness Studios V Commercial Gyms

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Private Fitness Studios V Commercial Gyms

December 2019

Welcome back! Today we’re out on the track instead of ringside, and we’ve got a 4 x 200m relay race for your viewing pleasure! As usual, we’re bringing you all the action LIVE as it happens! Lets hope the weather holds out… 

In Lane 1 we have Private Fitness Studios, and over in Lane 2 we have Commercial Gyms. Only a small race today, but it promises to be an exciting one! Last chance to place your bets…

The runners get in position…the starters crouch down and position their feet into the blocks…the crowd is silent…the gun fires! 

Private Fitness Studio’s 1st runner is quick out the blocks with the benefit of training within a private studio being that is it precisely that - private. If you’d feel a bit self conscious at the gym where you might feel like everyone around you is watching you, private studios are perfect because it’s just you and the trainer. 

Commercial Gyms 1st runner creeps closer with the claim that while this may be some people’s cup of tea, there isn't much of a social aspect to training privately. Some people might enjoy the social aspect of classes or chatting to people at the gym, and you don't get this when training in a private studio.

Private Fitness Studio’s runner keeps the edge ahead and is almost ready to hand over the baton, claiming that private studio’s can also offer group training or ‘bring a partner’ options, so you can make it more social and don’t have to train alone. Private Fitness Studio’s 1st runner shouts and on cue their 2nd runner starts off and the baton is exchanged smoothly.

Not far behind, Commercial Gyms also have a smooth baton change and their 2nd runner sets off, now about to overtake Private Fitness Studios, claiming many commercial gyms are open 24/7 and offer extras such as a pool, sauna and steam room, and an abundance of classes. 

Private Fitness Studio’s 2nd runner drops behind, but pushes on arguing back that people come to private studios for the privacy, and people using pools and going to classes aren’t necessarily worried about the privacy aspect. Due to the facilities on offer at commercial gyms, they can also get really busy during peak times and you may not be able to get access to the machine you need, or have enough space for your kettle bell swings. At a private studio you don't have to worry about this as you have a pre-booked slot and the only person there will be you! 

Both runners smoothly exchange the baton at the same time. It’s tense! The 3rd runners take off and Private Fitness Studio’s is slightly in front. Private studio’s are more personal and the workout will be tailored specifically to your individual needs. You can build a close relationship with your trainer and they will start to feel more like a friend than your trainer. On the other hand, in a commercial gym, it can be easy to become lost in the crowd and the experience won’t be as personal.

Commercial Gyms drops even further behind, as there isn’t necessarily an accountability factor like with a private studio where you have a pre-booked session. 

Private Fitness Studio’s 3rd runner is first to reach the last change-over point and the baton crosses hands with ease, but Commercial Gyms isn’t far behind, and their 4th runner sets off claiming that private studio’s can be expensive at anywhere between £20-45 per session, whereas commercial gyms can offer memberships for a similar price per month! However, Personal Training Studio’s is too far in the lead for Commercial Gyms to make a comeback, and sprints over the finish line, stating that you can keep costs down by purchasing block packages to receive a discount on sessions, train with a partner to half the costs, or take advantage of group training to reduce costs even more.

Commercial Gyms crosses the finish line a few seconds later, but its Private Fitness Studio’s that has won this race today! Did you bet on the winner?