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Leaving your Comfort Zone

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Leaving your Comfort Zone

August 2016

his months newsletter is all about going and being outside your comfort zone. The whole reason why I'm bringing up this topic is, it will help you both mentally and physically in all aspects of life especially when it comes to training in the gym.

Earlier this year (May) I took part in my first ever race. I entered the Liverpool Spring 10K. Prior to this I was just interested in weight training and gaining as muscle as I humanly possible. When it came to cardiovascular exercise I avoided it like the plaque. I just wasn't interested in this style of training.

So one day one of my clients mentioned that I should try a running event as they did them all the time and that I may even like it. Straight away I said no, however I then opened my month and said if their was a medal involved I would do it. Ironically their was a medal involved. So true to my word I signed up and took part. This was so far out of my comfort zone as it was an all new environment to me.

So I completed my first ever race and received my medal at the finish line and that was it. I caught the running bug, or should I say the bug for collecting medals. To date I have now 7 medals which was all gained in a 3 month period.

The reason for this story is that no matter what your used to doing in your own training regime may that be weight training, functional training, cardiovascular exercise or just gym classes. Their is always an alternative. You might be reading this now saying no I'm fine sticking to my own routine but leaving your comfort zone is a great feeling. When you do leave your comfort zone it does feel weird and you feel lost at first. However once you have overcome that barrier it will help you in the long run. Once you break that barrier you feel more comfortable leaving your comfort zone. Soon you accomplish this your self esteem will improve so you will explore more and more outside of your comfort zone.

So if your a person who just sticks to cardio or the complete opposite and just does weight training try adding the alternative to your workout and you will adapt and overcome. Adding this to your training routine will also help prevent boredom of doing the exact same workout routine every time you go to the gym. You always have a alternative.

Hope this newsletter helps you to start to think about leaving your current comfort zone. This technique can be applied in all aspect of life. That might be; communicating to others, driving on the motorway, trying to cook, it could be absolutely anything that your not usually used to doing.