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Holiday Tips Working Out

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Holiday Tips Working Out

October 2019

Here are a few tips for working out while on holiday, if you want to keep up your routine while you’re away!

If you’re planning ahead, pack a few useful pieces of equipment that are versatile and won’t take up too much of that precious luggage room, for example a skipping rope and a resistance band. Skipping is a great way to get in your cardio, and resistance bands add a little extra challenge to your typical bodyweight exercises.

The internet is a wonderful place and there are plenty of videos and blogs out there for ideas on holiday workouts, from workouts in hotel rooms to workouts on the beach. Save a few of your favourites before you go, this will save time searching for the perfect workout so you can spend more time soaking up the sun!

An alternative to this if you don’t have a wifi connection where you’re staying is to write a few mini circuits in a notepad or on the notes section in your phone, so you can follow along to these even if you’re not connected.

Change it up! You’re on holiday, so why not take a holiday from your usual routine and switch things up. Working out doesn’t have to include squats, press-ups, lifting weights etc. Instead of lounging on a sunbed all day, get in the pool! Swimming is a great form of exercise. Go for a leisurely walk along the coast line, play badminton or volleyball on the beach, hire bikes to explore the old town. Be creative and have fun, it won’t even feel like you’re working out!