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Black Coffee VS Red Bull (Sugar Free)

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Black Coffee VS Red Bull (Sugar Free)

November 2018

On today’s blog post – Black Coffee battles it out against Red Bull Sugar Free. We’ll be bringing you all the action LIVE as it comes to us! Who are you backing? In the red corner we have Red Bull Sugar Free – current favourite at 65p/1can. And in the blue corner we have Black Coffee, currently at £2.10/1cup. Place your bets now as the fight is about to start…

Ding! Round One.

And its Red Bull with the first hit of the match, ooh and it’s a good one! Red Bull Sugar Free claims it improves performance and mental awareness. Lets see what Black Coffee has to say about that. Black Coffee blocks Red Bull’s hit and retaliates – claiming that it also can improve performance and mental awareness. Let’s see what the man in the middle has to say – over to the referee.

“This round is declared a draw. A 250ml can of Red Bull has about the same amount of caffeine as you’d find in a 250ml cup of coffee. Caffeine is a stimulant. When it reaches your brain, the most noticeable effect is alertness, therefore you'll feel more awake. This is what leads to the increased mental awareness and as you feel less tired you’re more likely to put in a good performance.”

Ding! Round Two.

Over in the blue corner, Black Coffee has found it’s feet and is first to strike. The crowd cheers as it announces it contains < 5 calories in an average cup. Red Bull Sugar Free hesitates for a moment before punching back – it only contains < 8 calories in an average can. However Black Coffee doesn’t let Red Bull’s pause pass by and takes the opportunity to throw another punch – unlike Red Bull Sugar Free it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame and Acesulfame K. The referee breaks up the fight and declares Black Coffee the winner of this round – lets see what he has to say.

“While both drinks are pretty low in calories, Black Coffee wins this round as it does not contain any artificial sweeteners. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding artificial sweeteners. This is what the NHS has to say: “In 2013 the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) conducted a comprehensive review of evidence from findings of various studies on Aspartame, and concluded that it was safe for human consumption, including pregnant women and children. Acesulfame K has been approved for general use in the EU and the US.” However, critics say this sweetener has not been studied adequately and may be carcinogenic. We would personally recommend always choosing natural ingredients over artificial ones wherever possible.”

Ding! Round Three.

Black Coffee is first to hit again - Red Bull looks like its starting to tire so Black Coffee takes full advantage and goes for repeated punches: one for each side effect that can be caused by Red Bull. Jab jab. Headaches. Tremor/shaking. Oof. Agitation and restlessness. Gastrointestinal upset. Another left hook. Chest pain. Dizziness. Tingling/numb skin. Uppercut. Insomnia. Respiratory distress. A final punch lands square on the rim of Red Bull’s can. Heart palpitations. The crowd roars as Red Bull staggers backwards. Has Black Coffee won? No! The crowd can’t believe it, just as they thought it was all over… Red Bull finds its wings! It takes a deep breath and lunges forward taking Black Coffee by surprise! It manages a few hits to declare the side effects of Black Coffee. Jab, jab. Nervousness, irritability and restlessness. It throws a left hook and ducks as Black Coffee retaliates. Stomach upset. Headaches. Muscle tremors. Red Bull gives it one last shot with the last bit of energy it has left in the tank - oof - irregular heartbeat. Referee?

“Both Black Coffee and Sugar Free Red Bull have similar side effects due to the caffeine in them. However, because of the large presence of other ingredients that Red Bull Sugar Free contains, side effects are likely to be a lot more common and pronounced compared to Black Coffee. On the other hand, a plus point for both - since Sugar Free Red Bull contains no sugar, it doesn't have the negative side effects associated with it, for example, dental problems. Also, coffee contains antioxidants which protect the body from damage by harmful molecules. Because of these reasons, I declare Black Coffee the winner of this final round. But it’s not up to me to choose the winner. 

It’s over to you, our judges, to decide who the overall winner is. Black Coffee or Red Bull Sugar Free?”