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Benefits of Personal Training

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Benefits of Personal Training

May 2018

Motivation and Accountability

Do you often find yourself making excuses to avoid working out? When your alarm beeps in the morning, do you snooze it multiple times or turn it off completely in favour of 5 more minutes? Hiring a personal trainer means you have someone to hold you accountable, which is a great incentive as you won't want to let them down. You’re also more likely to get yourself to the gym knowing you have someone there to guide you and push you through it.

Goal Achievement

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or improve your overall fitness level, a personal trainer can help you set smaller, more specific goals that will help you progress towards your main goal. This is also a great motivator as you can see yourself smashing goals and making improvements on a regular basis.


A personal trainer will show you to how to safely and correctly perform exercises. This is essential in order to avoid injury and maximise the effectiveness of the exercise. They can also show you ways to adapt the exercise to make it easier or more challenging, or show you alternative exercises that may work better for you. In addition, personal trainers can advise on nutrition, and depending on their qualifications, they could even provide you with a complete nutritional plan to work alongside your exercise plan.

Personalised Workout

The great thing about working with a trainer is that they will tailor a workout plan that is specific to you. Based on you, your experience, your unique body mechanics, your current fitness level, and what goals you want to achieve, they can create a plan that will utilise all your unique qualities and get you the best results. If you have any specific needs such as injuries, medical conditions or pregnancy, a personal trainer can adapt your plan safely and effectively to accommodate for these.


Confidence is often a big barrier to working out, as it can be quite intimidating going into the gym when everyone around you seems to know what they’re doing. Working with a personal trainer can be a huge confidence boost - you are being guided by someone who knows their stuff. This boost can increase your self-confidence and lead to a positive experience when working out, meaning you are more likely to stick to your plan long term.