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Benefits of Group Training

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Benefits of Group Training

June 2018

Benefits of Group Training (Classes)


It can be hard to push yourself to go and workout when you’re going alone. You don't have to make excuses for anyone but yourself, but knowing you have a group of likeminded people who will be working out alongside you is a great motivation. Not only this, but group classes include catchy, upbeat music and are led by an energetic instructor who will encourage you throughout the class.


The clue is in the name - you won’t be plodding along with only your headphones for company here! Group classes are a great way to socialise and meet new, likeminded people. Lots of classes include a competitive element that encourages you to work together with other members of the class. Even better, if you regularly attend classes it can start to feel like you’re part of a family!


You’re surrounded by support in a group class. The instructor is always on hand for support, and they may also have a team with them who can assist with demonstrations of exercises and any questions you may have throughout the class. Plus, your classmates are there for support and motivation to give you a great boost to power through, push yourself that little bit harder, and smash the class!


Should I do squats today or practice my deadlift form? Should I do super sets or drop sets? A huge bonus to group classes is that you don’t have to think about any of this - you can just turn up and go. Everything is already planned for you, from the warm up and main session, to the cool down and stretches. This is ideal if you’re short on time or you’re a beginner and aren’t sure on how best to plan your workout.


Combining all the benefits above along with the fact that there are a range of classes to choose between, from spin classes and HIIT bootcamps to more aerobic, dance based workouts such as Zumba, there’s a very small chance you’ll find yourself bored! Each type of class offers something different, and even the same class can vary depending on the instructor that’s teaching as they will all have their own unique spin on things.